Why More UK Homeowners Than Ever are Installing Aircon

Why More UK Homeowners Than Ever are Installing Aircon

Fixed air conditioning units have become popular in many UK homes. They not only keep people comfortable throughout the day but can aid sleeping at night. Apart from these two reasons, there are other significant advantages that cause people to install these units in their houses. Many homeowners are motivated by the positive health differences created by this system. Here are why most homeowners install air-cons in their homes.

Regulate Humidity

Many parts of the UK experience high humid days which can be uncomfortable. Central air conditioning, therefore, helps cool air hence keeping these humid levels steady, within a healthy range. Just like temperature, high humidity isn’t good for our bodies. It shouldn’t be kept too high or too low. If you live in an area with too high humidity, it’s likely to breed bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. On the other hand, an environment with excessively low humidity creates a dry area which causes skin dryness and irritations. A/Cs, therefore, helps in regulating humidity, thereby providing individuals with the right atmosphere.

Increased Efficiency

Studies have found out that human beings are more efficient when their working or living conditions are comfortable.  When the temperature is very high, your body doesn’t release all its heat, thus one feels uncomfortable. This causes irritations and lack of concentration. An individual also gets tired very fast in such atmospheres. But since air conditioning units create comfortable conditions, persons become more active and focused hence able to work more. This clean air also helps individuals perform better.

Provide Consistent Temperatures

Too hot, too cold or fluctuating temperatures have a negative effect on an individual’s health. Being extremely warm or cold can sap energy from your body, hence causing chronic fatigue and affect your immune system. Since an A/C maintains a constant temperature in your home, it makes it easier for one’s body to regulate its temperature, which improves your immunity system.

Better Health

Air conditioners usually have filters inside that filter pollutants, dust and other harmful objects from the air before circulating it. As a result, this unit provides homeowners with quality clean air, which is free from dust and dirt particles, smoke, microorganism, bacteria, etc. So, this creates healthy environments in your home, thus improving your health. However, if these filters are dirty, they’ll supply polluted air which also poses health risks. It’s therefore wise that you regularly clean them.

Better Sleep

Apart from cooling the summertime heat, A/Cs also provides a comfortable environment for people to sleep at night. Many homeowners set their air conditioner between 70-74 º F. At this range, one’s body doesn’t regulate its temperature since the air inside is already cool. This, therefore, allows you to sleep peacefully. When your rooms are too hot or too cold, your body will stay awake, trying to adjust itself to that environment. Better sleep at night is essential as you’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated and remain active throughout the day.

Good air conditioning presents numerous benefits. It’s thus advisable that homeowners invest in aircons. But when choosing this unit, there are some factors that one should consider, such as its size, costs as well as type.